flag1 [flag]
[LME flagge < FLAG4, in obs. sense “to flutter”]
1. a piece of cloth or bunting, often attached to a staff, with distinctive colors, patterns, or symbolic devices, used as a national or state symbol, as a signal, etc.; banner; standard; ensign
2. [pl.] Now Rare long feathers or quills, as on a hawk
3. the tail of a deer
4. the bushy tail of certain dogs, as setters and some hounds
5. something, as a tab of metal or cardboard, that is attached to a card, folder, etc. so that it may be found easily, as in a file
6. Comput. a character, symbol, etc. used to mark data or a record for special attention
7. Music any of the lines extending from a stem, indicating whether the note is an eighth, sixteenth, etc.
flagged, flagging
1. to decorate or mark with flags
2. to signal with or as with a flag; esp., to signal to stop: often with down
3. to send (a message) by signaling
4. to mark with or as with a FLAG1 (n. 5 & 6) [to flag a word for deletion]
dip the flag
to salute by lowering a flag briefly
flag2 [flag]
[ME flagge < ON flaga, slab of stone < IE * plāk-, to spread out, flat < base * plā > PLAIN1]
flag3 [flag]
[ME flagge < ?]
a) any of various wild irises with flat fans of sword-shaped leaves and white, blue, or yellow flowers
b) any of various cultivated irises
4. the flower or leaf of any of these plants
flag4 [flag]
flagged, flagging [16th c., prob. < ON flǫgra, to flutter < IE base * plāk-, to strike > FLAW2]
1. to become limp; droop
2. to lose strength; grow weak or tired [his energy flagged]

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